Control Systems

Based on the electronic stability programme ESP, many control functions which do their jobs in the background often unnoticed by the driver are implemented in the premium automobile manufacturing segment. Overall, these functions contribute to a significant increase in comfort. In addition to the classic ESP stabilising function, hill start assist and hill descent control, standstill co-ordinators and crosswind stabilization for example are derived from basic ESP technology.

  • Radar-based and video-based assist programmes ensure greater safety in road traffic.
  • Adaptive cruise controls monitor and control the distance to the vehicle ahead over wide speed ranges.
  • Lane departure warning systems provide warnings about unintentional departure from the lane or actively steer back into the lane – in conjunction with the blind spot assist, too.
  • Brake assistants support emergency braking situations in the event of obstacles which suddenly appear.
  • Forward collision warning systems and rear collision monitoring make an additional contribution to accident prevention or at least to mitigating accident severity.

The development and test programmes of ACONEXT‘s engineers relating to these control and assist systems comprise the entire process:

  • Compilation of specifications
  • Requirements management and change management
  • Modelling and software development
  • Metrological analysis of all sensors, controllers and components involved in the overall system
  • Practical testing on the test stand and on test drives
  • Qualitative validation of the overall system
  • Series release of the systems


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