Electric Drives

By combining the overall knowledge of the powertrain system with specific qualifications in power electronics and high-voltage technology our engineers cover a wide spectrum of topics in the development of (partially) electrified drives:

  • Design of (partially) electrified powertrains regarding performance, power, longitudinal/transverse dynamics, transient response, consumption, emissions, range
  • Validation of system requirements for HV systems
  • Efficiency issues in hybrid topologies
  • Creation of HV test specifications for electrical drive components (electric motors, power electronics, HV batteries, onboard power systems)
  • Application of electrical drives on the test bed and in the vehicle
  • Development of algorithms for models and characteristic diagrams
  • Consumption studies and emission control testing on hybrid vehicles

In addition to overall system tuning we also have specific know-how in the design and validation of individual components:

  • Characterization and failure analysis of electric motors and converters e.g. examination of torque ripples
  • Development of electrical and thermic stress scenarios for safeguarding the temperature stability of cables and contacts
  • Ensuring the state of charge balance/SoC of the electric storage
  • (Pre-)development of HV onboard power system components
  • Mechanical component back-up/load spectrum measurement
  • Construction of thermically optimized battery casings
  • Modelling/simulation for cooling systems for HV batteries
  • NVH analysis of electrical drive component


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