Noise – Vibration – Harshness

The full-bodied hum heard inside a limousine. The striking sound when a premium-class sports car starts up. When do we feel that a vehicle is luxurious? Sound plays a major role – whether knowingly or unknowingly. The control over airborne and structure-borne sound – in technical language called noise, vibration and harshness – is therefore a significant aspect in premium segment automobile manufacture.

The metrological analysis of vibrations is very complex both physically and mathematically. It is rightly called the most prestigious discipline of measurement technology. In theoretical analysis Fourier transformation and order analysis are daily business in finding frequency ranges. In practical tests sampling rates in the kHz-range with up to 150 measurement channels recorded in parallel, place high demands on the command of this special measuring technology. In this way engine vibrations which are considered annoying can be damped or blotted out to the greatest possible extent in all driving situations.

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