AI – Artificial Intelligence

OUR APPROACH FOR AI – Artificial Intelligence

Most applications, services, or Internet of Things (IoT) objects can and will today be optimised with AI approaches. AI is often the key to automating or completely redesigning business application processes. We at ACONEXT combine business-domain competence with AI expertise. We use this to design unique solutions: professionally from consulting to complete implementation.

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  • Advice on the use of AI along the entire process chain from product development to after-sales.
  • Development of intelligent IT solutions / apps in combination with immersive experiences (VR, AR,…)
  • Development and implementation of forecasting models
  • Development and implementation of AI algorithms
  • Development and implementation of intelligent agents/chatbots


  • Supervised learning, e.g. discriminant analysis, Naive Bayes, nearest neighbour, neural networks, linear regression, decision trees, logistic regression, etc.
  • Unsupervised Learning, e.g. clustering: k-means clustering, Gaussian mixture, Hidden Markov Models, etc.
  • Microsoft Azure: Data, intelligence, QnA, bot platform, analytics & IoT, LUIS, cognitive search, intelligent dialog, Bing search, natural language (NLP), etc.
  • PTC Thingworx, Vuforia, Kepwork, etc.
  • Open source solutions, e.g. Rasa
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aconext automotive künstliche intelligenz use cases


  • Creative/design thinking workshops e.g. for “PDM meets AI”, “Engineering meets AI, etc.
  • Intelligent agents for support in the engineering environment
  • Automatic ticket classification and prioritisation
  • Predictive maintenance: Analysis of forecasting models for machine states