Vehicle diagnosis recognises a wide range of system conditions, and is useful throughout the lifecycle of a vehicle and of its control units Thanks to many years of experience and the direct exchange of knowledge between ACONEXT employees and system manufacturers, we are able to offer services, consulting and method development in the processing of diagnostic data across the entire process chain.

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  • Procurement, selection and compilation of diagnostic-relevant data in direct consultation with vehicle manufacturers
  • Fault-finding system setup using image, text and measured values using OBD communication data on the vehicle.
  • Implementing compliance with prescribed safety standards, in particular for complex, high-voltage systems and electric motors


  • Development of troubleshooting strategies
  • Validation of troubleshooting strategies via simulation mode
  • “Diagnostics meets A.I.”: Use of artificial intelligence in a diagnostic environment
  • Processing diagnostic data
  • Setup of Guided Fault Finding (GFF) for live diagnostics for OTA-enabled control units (Over-The-Air)
  • Commissioning control units
  • Visualisation (2D – 3D)
  • Assembly of test environment overall networking
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  • Further development and making remote diagnosis operational via OTA
  • Development of break-out boxes for validation of troubleshooting strategies
  • Process design for new diagnostic information standards