CAx data/release management

In computer-aided product development, digital data management has become indispensable and plays a major role in the ever-increasing number of products and product variants.

In today’s simulation management, such as in crashes or in digital prototype construction, model data is structured in a modular fashion. The resulting challenge lies in the milestones and maturity-focused provision of this data.

Our digital data provision supports you with the holistic planning, evaluation and continuous improvement of all essential structures, processes and methods

Service Portfolio

  • Continuous CAx process chain for digital product verification
    • Data availability
    • Workshops and data reviews
    • Monitoring of measures
    • Monitoring of geo & functional data
    • Support
    • Support during the process
    • ref configuration
    • Data release management
    • Data release support
  • Communication methods and processes
    • Analysis and optimisation of processes
    • Uniform application
    • Involvement in the design of the processes to be implemented
    • Design/optimisation of operative methods
    • Process consulting


  • CAx data management in the e-mobility environment
    • Data requirements
    • Reference vehicles
    • Monitoring lists
    • Error identification
    • User support
    • Remedying of errors
    • Module group workshops
    • Data review
    • Tracking of measures
    • Measures meetings
    • Milestone reports

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Daniel Zwolsky

Phone: +49 151 / 422 49 159