3D-Master Experts

ACONEXT supports various 3D-Master projects. Our experts therefore also have different focal points in this field. You are welcome to contact our experts via the email address

Jochen Voigtmann

  • 3D-Master interior / exterior MBC
  • Method development
  • JT Primary/JT Supplier Package

Benjamin Hirt

  • 3D-Master powertrain
  • PMIs for machining production
  • Method development
  • Development of Daimler add-ons

Marcus Klug

  • 3D-Master shell
  • PMIs for forming
  • Certified trainer
  • Document production

Michael Wandlowsky

  • 3D-Master variant management
  • Method development
  • EDM methods and archiving

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Steffen Linsenmaier

Head of sales

Tel.: +49 151 422 474 74