In addition to the formal language of the exterior, the interior provides a general possibility for differentiation. Its main components are the cockpit with adjoining centre console and vehicle seats.

In the cockpit, functionality, manufacturability, safety and ergonomics influence the complexity of the design. The arrangement, integration and accessibility of control elements must be considered in addition to good readability of the display instruments under every conceivable operating situation. Design elements and applications give the cockpit an appearance that is specific to the vehicle and also individualise it.

The vehicle seat constitutes the largest contact surface of the occupant to the vehicle and thus unconsciously but significantly contributes to the overall impression. The demands placed on a modern seating system are many and varied; it has long been more than just a seat. Everything has to be considered: from vehicle safety, to functionality, to comfort and design to haptics. New technologies and laws present opportunities and challenges.

Typical components that we currently develop for customers in the interior include:

  • Complete seat
  • Cockpit
  • Centre console
  • Column and overhead cladding
  • Seatbelt systems
  • Airbag
  • Attachment parts

We will gladly take over the processing of complete work packages including project management for you.



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