Success Story: 3D Master

3D Master: Introduction

Conversion of the traditional design process to 3D master as a process without a drawing represents a great challenge for all company divisions. Omitting the drawing as a universal exchange format makes digitisation possible throughout the entire product life cycle. Since all descriptive product and process information is available in 3D and a PDM system, technical changes can be implemented faster and more consistently. This has an impact on all areas of design, from production to spare parts management. But the changeover to 3D masters also has a significant impact in part in the areas of sales, marketing, purchasing and other departments.

Before a new method can be converted and introduced, a detailed and well-founded analysis of the previous processes is necessary. In the preparatory analysis, the methods and procedures used so far are examined and evaluated. The people at their workplaces, in their familiar working worlds and working environments also play an important role here. Without an understanding of the employees and their needs, 3D master cannot be successfully introduced as a new method.

After extensive examination of drawings, their content structure and their previous use in various processes, detailed and well-founded proposals for the implementation of a 3D master method in the company can be agreed upon. The omission of the drawing, however, is only one effect of the 3D master method. All processes and their managers are integrated into the research, considerations and change proposals in order to find the best solution for the company.

ACONEXT has experience in the analysis, introduction, implementation and support of all employees and departments affected by the method. Our wide-ranging knowledge ensures the best possible and comprehensive support even after the introduction. We offer advice both with regard to the implementation in 3D CAD and PLM as well as to the other affected areas, processes and systems.

3D master: customised

One major OEM in the automotive industry has been successfully using the 3D master method in certain production-related areas of the company for more than 10 years. Due to the new introduction and replacement of the existing CAD system, the existing methods had to be checked, verified, adapted, tested and re-documented for introduction.

Thanks to the dedicated and highly qualified support of the employees of ACONEXT Stuttgart GmbH, it was not only possible to adapt and continue the existing methods already introduced, but also to support other divisions in the introduction of the 3D master method. This also made the elimination of drawings as a key document possible in other areas. Since 3D master is a method that affects all business processes, the successful implementation was very time-consuming and required close cooperation with all process participants of the OEM. The tight schedule was successfully met thanks to this efficient cooperation.

After the productive introduction of the 3D master method, ACONEXT continued its successful support of the OEM. New methods and adaptations in many of the company’s applications had to be implemented. Here, too, the design of the processes with the help of ACONEXT ensured the consistent use of the 3D master method.

ACONEXT has also proven to be a stable and reliable partner when it comes to supporting users and suppliers.

At the moment, the introduction of the 3D master method is mainly being supported in other areas of the company. This is where ACONEXT’s many years of experience and constant exchange of knowledge have a very positive effect right from the start.