Team ACONEXT Munich at B2Run 2019 / 16/07/2019

Everyone is running at Olympiapark

Our ACONEXT Munich team floored it yesterday at Munich’s Olympiapark. 13 top-fit ACONEXT colleagues, wearing their white ACONEXT running shirts, were among the 30,000 runners achieving fantastic times amid the best weather. All of them completed the good 6 km-long route with flying colours.

Fun was of course at the centre of everything at the big circuit in the Olympiapark, the finish line through the big marathon gate was an absolute highlight for every running enthusiast and, after they crossed the finish line, the team cohesion was clearly tangible and could be seen in the many satisfied faces.

We spontaneously transferred our “after-run” event to Munich’s Tollwood that was taking place at the same time, and saw out the wonderful summer evening with a few drinks and snacks.

We would like to thank everyone who was there and we are already looking forward to next year.
ACONEXT will definitely be there again!