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3D master is a method for describing all production and process-relevant information directly in a 3D CAD model. This makes the 3D master model the only single source model relevant for release. It can completely replace a technical drawing. This makes it possible to provide consistent digital data for digital processes.

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The vehicle diagnosis recognizes a wide variety of system conditions and is used throughout the life cycle of a vehicle and its control units.

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Artificial intelligence

Most applications, services or Internet of Things (IoT) objects can and will be optimized with AI approaches today.

AI is often the key to automating or completely redesigning business application processes.

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PLM / PDM systems guarantee consistent IT support for product and production development.

Our experts advise customers in using the systems along the entire process chain.

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Cross Reality

Interactive virtual environments, commonly referred to as cross-reality (xR), are essential building blocks for optimizing products, processes, and services.

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