3D-Master is a method for describing all production and process-relevant information directly in a 3D CAD model. This makes the 3D-Master model the only single source model relevant for release. It can completely replace a technical drawing. This makes it possible to provide consistent digital data for digital processes.

In the CAD environment, 3D-Master is a process in which all production-relevant information is managed in 3D CAD models and, in addition, the process-relevant information in PDM systems. In general, it allows drawings to be omitted as a product-describing element. All users involved in the process must be able to access the information they need. In order to also supply these subsequent processes, the CAD system frequently converts the models (e.g. CATIA or NX) to a neutral viewing format (e.g. JT), which preserves the 3D manufacturing information.

Various CAD systems offer the possibility to dimension 3D models according to your 3D geometry description, to store form and position tolerances or to store general remarks in relation to 3D geometries. This could be, for example, machining information or information regrading surface quality, surface protection or surface design. The elements in 3D are based on the symbols known from drawings, but are always related to 3D geometry.

As a rule, material specifications are stored as part of 3D geometry creation and material assignment. In addition, it is also possible to define “master data”. Examples of this include: General tolerances, product number, release status, etc. This data can be made available to all process participants either in the 3D CAD system or in a PDM system.

The data is accessed either via the native 3D CAD system or via converted data in a neutral viewing format. JT can be used for this purpose, for example; it is available via various viewers on different platforms and device types. Tools with coordinated settings are used for the conversion in order to obtain the process-relevant data in the best possible way.

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