Complete vehicle / DMU

Due to the constantly increasing global competitive pressure of OEMs with regard to the development time of vehicles and their derivatives, digitisation in relation to development, simulation and validation of complete vehicles along the entire development process has become one of the most important parameters in value creation.

Time and cost factors mean that building physical prototypes for such an enormous number of vehicle variants is only possible to a very limited extent and will only serve as final verification in the future.

Hence the digital verification of installation spaces and functional systems with regard to manufacturing, production, assembly and service technical aspects is indispensable in the very early stages of development.

Many variants regarding body and vehicle type within a model series platform combined with a simultaneously large amount of configuration possibilities in terms of equipment features and engines require an absolutely consistent digital process for the complete vehicle.

In this regard, we offer you the following services:

Service Portfolio

  • Geometric integration (package and DMU): The installation space available in the vehicle is divided efficiently and precisely down to the last millimetre by means of DMU
  • Collision analysis, clearance analysis and tolerance management, taking into account the requirements for ergonomics, compatibility, service and thermal management
  • Design of alternative concepts
  • Animated simulation of production processes for checking and optimizing production and assembly sequences
  • Dynamic packaging: Structure of traverse path and kinematics for verification of dynamic vehicle conditions
  • Installation space concepts for lines: brake lines, electric vehicle lines, fuel lines
  • Dimensional concepts for the development of new vehicle generations and derivatives
  • Constructive suggestions for specialist departments
  • Weight management in the entire vehicle
  • Lightweight construction concepts for CO2 reduction
  • Technical illustration – creation of all further visualisations from the complete 3D datasets
  • Schematic functional as well as exploded drawings help to improve technical understanding


  • Digital integration of components into the virtual vehicle model
  • Installation tests for digital verification regarding assembly, disassembly, service and maintenance
  • Digitisation of PMU processes in the DMU
  • Reverse engineering: generation of native CAD data from scan data/point clouds
  • Functional integration, aerodynamics, operational stability, vehicle safety
  • Air conditioning and cooling in the entire vehicle
  • Driving tests of complete vehicles
  • Organisational integration
    • Project management and documentation, parts list maintenance
    • Maturity monitoring (type monitoring)
    • Data sightings, data start-up talks
    • Database management


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